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Do you want to stay informed on interesting assignments, be part of a community of security specialists and regularly attend seminars?
Become a Traxion Associate.

Traxion Associate benefits

Easy sales

The hunt for a new assignment can take up a lot of time. Being a Traxion Associate gives you easy access to interesting opportunities and saves time, helping you to avoid all those long negotiations.

Knowledge sharing

As Traxion Associate you are invited to attend seminars and events. You will be part of a community where knowledge sharing has a central focus. Through networking activities or projects you will meet other specialists in your domain.

All-round assignments

As an information security specialist Traxion has a diverse portfolio of customers. Our Associates get access to exciting and versatile assignments.

About Traxion

 We are an independent specialist in the field of information security. Within the Benelux, we are the market leader in Identity & Access Management, but act as knowledge and innovation partner for our customers in the entire field of information security. Our organization has a strategic and operational approach when it comes to working with our clients. Based on this approach, we develop the best solution. From advice and design to implementation and management.  

Traxion is looking
for the following specialists

Traxion is looking
for the following specialists

• Information Security Officer

• Technisch IAM Specialist

• NetIQ Specialist

• Ping Specialist

• Senior Pentesters

• Crypto Consultant

Our associates about Traxion

Traxion Netherlands
Koeweistraat 4d
4181 CD Waardenburg
Tel: +31 418 653883 

Traxion Belgium
Generaal De Wittelaan 9
2800 Mechelen
Tel: +32 15 28 50 70



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